Ajaj Group - Saudi Arabian Group

About Project

Period: Dec 2014 – Jan 2015

Client: Ajaj Group

Subject: The begging of the story

Ajaj Group was established in 1979, There marketing wise was old fashioned, So it was our mission to change there way of thinking to focus on the modern techniques for marketing.

Our Task Was

To create something intelligent creative with a simple browsing way to be served easy.

What We’ve Done

Ultra simple and creative elegant website that can help Ajaj Group clients to change the way of dealing with the group with an ordinary way to a digital one.

  • Single page website.
  • Multi section scroller.
  • Dynamic show-case slider.
  • Light box images system.
  • Media Archive carousel.
  • Social QR code embed.
  • Dynamic contact module.
  • News ticker bar.


We are satisfied of our great project that makes our agency to change the way of thinking of our valuable client from the ordinary way to the ultra modern one, And also that was the opinion of our client.

  • Way of thinking modification.
  • Satisfied valuable client.
  • Ultra modern technique.
  • Search engine optimised site.


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